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StopFalls CANADA- Balance and Hearing

Falls are common in people aged 65 years and older and are the leading cause of injury in this age group. They can have serious consequences, including trauma, head injuries, hip fractures, pain, impaired function, loss of confidence in carrying out everyday activities, loss of independence and autonomy, and even death. More than 40% of people hospitalized from hip fractures are not capable of living independently again and moreover 25% of those who have fallen pass away each year. The economic costs of falls increase with fall frequency and healthcare costs can be reduced if falls are reduced. The majority of falls occur because of multiple interacting factors, but impaired balance system contributes to most falls.

At StopFalls CANADA we work to bring your life back into balance. The advanced diagnostic technologies are accompanied with the knowledge of our highly trained Physicians and Audiologists to enable us to diagnose where imbalance is occurring, as an accurate diagnosis is imperative for a successful treatment. Following your assessment, we work with your physician to create an appropriate treatment plan to revive the balance in your life.

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